You expect high quality at a good price? Sprachdynamik will convice with great and individual offers! We orientate on the latest survey on rates among members of UNIVERSITAS, the Interpreters’ and Translators’ Association of Austria, which we are a part of.

Translations are charged at a minimum of € 1.75 per standard line, although the actual rates depend on the technical aspects of the text to be translated. Localisations, however, are both a translation and an intense creative process, so they will always be charged depending on the individual aspects of the projects.

Short translations will be charged with € 50.- and we will grant a discount for large translations.

Further services such as layouting target texts and formatting will be charged additionally.

Please make sure you send your source text to us in an editable format, otherwise it cannot be processed by our software and the translations must be charged at a higher rate.

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Key customers will benefit from our generous discount system! If you frequently contact us for translating your documents, simply ask us for a discount and we will gladly grant it to you!